Environment Inspection



After over 10 years of working on thousands of projects in Homes, Healthcare, Schools, and a very wide-range of Commercial settings in the Remediation and Abatement Industry; we wanted to be able to provide high-quality, affordable service. Thus QIC Environmental Service was born. We are here to help our customers and come equipped with a well-rounded understanding of your needs in the world of Environmental Testing services. We pride ourselves on Quality, Integrity and Care, combined with great work ethics and wonderful attention to detail. With all the options out there, we know it is not always easy to chose the right person to trust with your Environmental Testing needs. No matter what the setting, big or small, our qualified Technicians can handle it all. We offer great rates, flexible scheduling, and provide service throughout Arizona.

Qic Environmental Service is a responsive, budget conscience environmental consulting firm, with a wide range of experience in environmental services. We are dedicated to providing cost effective solutions to environmental projects in your home or commercial setting. We offer comprehensive services in: Asbestos testing, AHERA management plans, Personnel exposure assessments, Mold clearance, Moisture Mapping, Thermal Imaging Inspection, Lead surveys, Sewage clearance, AHERA clearance, Asbestos clearance, Mold investigation, Mold remediation work scope, Water damage inspection, Category 3 water (sewage) Scope, Indoor air quality investigations, & Manage remediation protocols.