Guy V. Sun West Morgage Co. 05/30/2011

As your Trusted Advisor, I sincerely hope you have been enjoying your complimentary subscription to the MORTGAGE MARKET GUIDE WEEKLY. As the Memorial Day holiday is being observed, the next full issue will arrive on Monday, June 6. I wish you and your family a peaceful Memorial Day holiday, as we remember the sacrifices of […]

Guy V-Sun West Mortgage Co. 05/23/2011

  In This Issue…                 Last Week in Review: The economy appears to be slowing… but what’s going on with home loan rates? Read the answer.Forecast for the Week: A second chance for a better outlook? Here’s what to watch this week. View: Airfares are expected to rise […]

Guy-Sun West Mortgage Company-05/16/2011

“Is the glass half empty… or half full?” That question is one many people are debating when it comes to our economy – yes, the economy is still sluggish… but the slow recovery has helped home loan rates improve. So what developed last week…and what was the impact on home loan rates? Let’s take a […]