The Little Known – but true – History of Thanksgiving…

Despite the popular belief that Thanksgiving originated with the colony at Plymouth Plantation in 1621, researchers have actually pinpointed the actual first Thanksgiving to have been held a whopping 56 years earlier. According to scholars, the first known Thanksgiving took place during September 1565, in Saint Augustine, Florida when Spanish settlers held a Mass of […]

QE2 Debate rages on

Last Week in Review: The debate over Quantitative Easing continued, as did the volatility in the markets. And Bonds and home loan rates sure felt the pinch! Forecast for the Week: It will be a busy week ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, with more Treasury auctions and a very full calendar of economic reports. View: […]

Inflation information breaks through the clutter

Last Week in Review: Recent economic events are giving a strong indication of where rates are headed. Read on to find out where and why. Forecast for the Week: Here’s a quick rundown of reports we need to watch this week… and there are some big ones on the docket! View: Read below to find […]

Elections, the Feds and Jobs..Oh My!

Last Week in Review: Election results, the Fed’s announcement, and the Jobs Report – what a full week it was! So what was the impact on home loan rates? Forecast for the Week: It’s a quiet week on the economic report front, but don’t expect the volatility to die down as the markets continue to […]