Economic reports – a mix of tricks and treats

Last Week in Review: The positive and negative mix of economic news continues to brew and boil… what’s happening with home loan rates? Forecast for the Week: More news on the housing market is in store – and Stock earnings season continues too – all in advance of the Fed’s important upcoming meeting. View: Halloween […]

Identity Theft Avoidance Tips

Identity Theft Facts There are over 10 million identity theft victims in the US every year. Average cost to recover from identity theft is about $8,000 and 600 hours per victim. Someone has their identity stolen every 4 seconds in the United States $221 billion a year is lost by businesses worldwide due to identity […]

Quantitive Easing wants to be friends

Last Week in Review: Quantitative Easing is heading our way, but when, why, what will it mean? Many questions remain… Forecast for the Week: What kind of outlook will the economic reports of the week create? View: 5 Facebook posts that put you at risk! Do you know what they are?

Is the labor market showing signs of life…or not?

Last Week in Review: The highly anticipated Jobs Report for September is in. What was the news… and what does it mean for home loan rates? Forecast for the Week: With the Meeting Minutes from the Fed’s last get together coming – as well as Retail Sales numbers, two inflation reports, and more Third Quarter […]

To QE or not to QE, that is the question

Last Week in Review: The Fed faces a tough decision, but what could it mean for Bonds and home loan rates? Forecast for the Week: This is a huge week, despite the limited number of reports due out… find out why. View: Before you plan your next trip or a winter vacation, consider this surprising […]