The Fed revives the I-70 showdown

  Last Week in Review: Home sales slump, while Fed members take part in “I-70 Showdown.” Forecast for the Week: A consumer’s perspective on the job of economic recovery. View: Summer’s not over… take a last-minute vacation with these travel tips!  

Government “confers” about the future

Last Week in Review: Change is needed in the housing and job markets. Find out what kind… and how will those steps impact home loan rates? Forecast for the Week: We’ll get reads on the housing market and the economy this week, but what direction will the reports show? View: It may take two credit […]

Markets move after Fed meeting, but why?

Last Week in Review: Fed maintains status quo while markets look for more direction. Forecast for the Week: Economic reports to watch, plus the future of housing finance. View: 5 financial lessons every college student should learn before heading to school.

Stocks and bonds doing the tango

Last Week in Review: Stocks and Bonds danced around each other this week, reacting to a mix of strong and weak economic data. Find out what this means for home loan rates. Forecast for the Week: A busy news week ahead, including the heavy hitting Jobs Report, waiting in the wings until Friday morning. View: […]