Since 1972, Scottsdale Tips Club (STC), has been actively participating in the small business community, with an emphasis on developing business relationships and referral networks. Today, the Club continues to strive for excellence in the promotion of its members throughout the community.

In weekly meetings, STC encourages close relationships with and for its members, offering unique opportunities through referrals, education, support, and friendship. Requiring each member dedicate their time, perspective, experience, referral base, and expertise, makes STC different from other networking organizations. We believe in going beyond lead generation and taking a proactive stance in the generation of opportunities for its members.

Allowing only one member per business category, STC ensures a non-competitive environment that encourages collaboration and cross marketing amongst its members. Our emphasis is always on empowerment and growth.

Scottsdale Tips Club: Business, Relationships, and Membership.

The Scottsdale Tips Club meets every Wednesday morning from 7:30 to 8:30 at Chompies at 92nd Street and Shea Blvd. Weekly breakfast meetings are a fun, entertaining blend of leads sharing, business promotion, and general camaraderie. Club membership is open to business owners or any other persons wishing to expand their contact exposure, so long as that person’s industry or profession is not already represented in the club. Club membership is limited to one representative from any given discipline or professional field.

For more information about the Scottsdale Tips Club please call:
Guy Vetrano – 602-692-7196
Claude J. Meier – 480-678-3044



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